Monday, November 7, 2011

The Orphanage, part 2

Child 20

Today is part 2 of our spotlight on the children of the orphanage.  To find part 1, click here.


20:  Frank Johnson's mother died, but the cause of death is unknown.  She was a 17-year-old single mother.  Other than that, nothing more is known about Frank.  He is 1 year old.
Child 21

21:  Serena Johnson's mother suffered from typhoid and died at 15.  Serena was brought to Borto Deseret by her mother's older sister.  They were informed that Serena suffered from Aspirated Tetanus during her birth, resulting in near constant illness.  She is 1 year old.

22:  Francis Clinton - nothing is known about him as of yet.  He is 5 years old.

Children 22 thru 27 (left to right)
23:  Samuel Ganjah's mother died from childbirth.  His father was a rebel, but not much is known about him.  Samuel has had pneumonia all along.  Not much else is known about him.  He is 3 years old.

24:  Mary Lugar was brought in to the orphanage by the General Town Chief, who did not know much about her parents.  She suffers from Olthemal and is now coping with what little treatment the nurse can give her.  She is 4 years old.

Child 28
25:  Nancy Garwoloquoi's mother left and married another man in 1990.  Her father was a fisherman on the St. Paul river, providing for his eight children until he died.  Nancy was brought to the orphanage by surviving relatives of her father.  She is 3 years old.

26:  Mercy Gbanjah was one of 13 who survived a fire disaster.  No trace of her family has been found.  Since then, she has suffered from neonatal tetanus.  The orphanage is finding it difficult to cope with this, because Mercy needs more advanced medication and Borto does not have the means to acquire it for her.  She is 4 years old.

Children 29-33 (left to right)
27:  Standly Rufus's father was an Ecomong from Nigeria.  His mother was killed in the fighting.  He is 6 years old.

28:  Fatu Sumo's mother had AIDS and died shortly after giving birth to Fatu.  Her father brought her to the orphanage and died one year later.  She is currently suffering from pneumonia.  She is 7 months old in this photo.

29:  Robert Kona was brought in to the orphanage by an unknown person. Other than that, nothing else is known about him.  He is 4 years old.

30:  Love Toagr was brought to the orphanage by Cora Ricks, one of the volunteers at Borto.  Cora said that armed robbers killed both of Love's parents and that she had been staying with extended family.  The family was not caring for her properly, so she was given to Borto to care for.  She is 4 years old.

31:  Menwoe Harris was brought in by her Aunt after she got married and moved to another village.  Her father was killed by a snake bite and her mother died, but how is not known.  She is 3 years old.

32:  Marcus Saye was brougth to the orphanage by a nurse from the Harrisburg clinic where his mother had given birth to him.  She ran away because she couldn't pay the hospital bill and other financial obligations she had.  He is a very smart boy and does well in school.  He is 9 years old.

33:  Otis Clemens is in the orphanage with his brother and sister.  Nothing is currently known about their parents or family, but the workers at the orphanage are actively searching for information about them.  He is 7 years old.

Stay tuned for part 3 of our Spotlight on the children of the Borto Deseret Orphanage later this week.

If you would like to donate to the orphanage, please email us at, or call us at 801-423-1876.  Remember that you can also help by purchasing a ticket to our charity showing of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, part 1 on November 18th at 7:45 PM.  Tickets are $25.  Proceeds help feed these children for an entire year.

Thank you so much for your help and support of this wonderful cause!

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