Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NEW MOON Fundraiser Report

Thank you to everyone who helped make tonight so AWESOME!!! We had 74 door prizes!! Look at that stack up there! Thanks to everyone who donated:

Allison's Pantry: 3 $25 gift cards
Lola...Again: 5 red ruffle scarves, 5 black ruffle scarves, 3 purses
Gracie Lou's: 2 minkee blankets
Carrie Brown: 11 credit card purses, each with a $5 gift card (donated by Sweetbriar Cove)
Sweetbriar Cove: 2 black and white aprons, 2 knit black scarves, 10 lotion bags, 16 bags of assorted candy, 1 watch, and the souvenir gift bags received by EVERYONE who attended (each bag had a small bag of sugared nuts, a candy, and a metal link charm bracelet with a red heart charm)
Angie Stewart: 11 bracelets and 2 necklaces
Jenny Limb and Joanna Peterson: a black, white, and red quilt (Jenny provided the fabric and pieced it, Joanna provided the batting and quilted it)
And all the girls here at Colton's Angels!

A few of our movie-goers. There shirts said "Bit me, Edward....Please!"

The theater before the movie. I know it looks like it isn't very full, but TRUST ME! It WAS! The flash went off, but because of the angle and the lights, you can't really see clear to the back in the photo.
Everyone who came got a great gift bag (bracelet, nuts, candy), their ticket, a chance to win prizes, and a $5 concessions gift card.
We had a lot of fun, and the movie was AWESOME! Thanks to everyone who came (especially those who had already seen it twice!).

So what do you all think? Should we do it again in June for Eclipse? We'd love to hear your opinions!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Info

Hey all! If you read this and have a Facebook account, you can now friend us! It's just another fun way to interact with us and stay up-to-date with what we're doing.

Also, if you live in the Utah County area of Utah, and would like to join our group, we would love to have you!

We meet once a month, the third Tuesday, at 6:30 PM. Dues are $20 a month. The monthly dues go to funding each month's project, and the big annual projects like the scholarship and Festival of Trees. If we don't have enough money to do a project (like Festival) we will hold beneifts/fundraisers (like the Quilt Show Raffle in August, and the NEW MOON benefit party in 3 days).

If you would like more information on joining our group, or would just like to make a donation, please email us at coltonsangels@gmail.com

T minus 3 DAYS!

We are all so excited! There are less than 3 days until our benefit showing of New Moon!!

There are still a few tickets left, so let us know if you want them. Email coltonsangels@gmail.com or call Joanna or Angie or Vicki at 801-423-1876

Also, we have so many door prizes! Here's just a small sampling of what we've got in store: a quilt, ruffley scarves, purses, candy gift bags, bracelets, aprons, lotions, and MORE!!

It really is going to be a great party. Make sure to wear your red, white, and black (Twilight colors). I guess you could dress up if you WANT to. haha. Several people have made their own Team Edward/Team Jacob shirts. From what I've seen on Facebook, blogs, etc., it is going to be awesome to see what everyone has done in preparation for this party!